Principles of environmentally safe agriculture

The search of optimum conditions to provide plants with the elements of nourishing and protective means is one of the main tasks for the growers of agricultural product. In nowadays conditions it is especially important, when the efficiency of agrarian sector considerably decreased because of energy crisis and unfavorable weathers conditions.

Presently, an additional foliar feeding of crops by the available forms of micronutrient fertilizers is the most economically advantageous way of overcoming the deficit of nutrients for plants (including microelements). It is obvious, that expenses on application of liquid preparations of nutrients could be considerably reduced if the process of their application is combined with the processing of crops by pest and weeds control means.

Nowadays there are a lot of various liquid fertilizers, growth-promoting factors, other preparations for leaf-feeding. However, almost all of them are agrochemical, complex molecular solutions. It is known that chemical and technological intensification of plant growing at favorable weather-climatic factors provides high harvests of agricultural product, but causes contamination of food and environment stuffs by harmful compounds. It is a determining point if Ukraine wants to join WTO and European Union. Therefore, in such conditions, it is necessary to have ecologically safe and economically effective management for receiving biologically valuable products and soils fertility safety.

The mentality in relation to technologies of crops growing, and also the fertilizers and preparations applied in this process will change. Agrarians will realize that it is better and more advantageous to cultivate valuable, high liquidity products on 100 hectares, than any other one on 1000 hectares, especially when every year in many countries, especially in the countries of European Union in particular, the control of food stuffs quality becomes tighter.

«Riverm» is one of the preparations of a new generation.

«Riverm» is a liquid, organic, ecologically safe fertilizer which was developed by the International Ecological Fund «AQUA-VITAE» and National Agrarian University.

«Riverm» passed the state testsand was registered in Ukraine under #1921 of 6.06.2005. (a certification series A №01031), and also was recognized by the international organization — System of Independent Certification (SIC) as environmentally friendly fertilizer which complies with the international standard ISO 14024:1999.

In 2006 «Riverm» won the national competition «Vishcha proba».

Since 2007 the IEF «AQUA-VITAE» has been accepted into inspection-certification program «Organic production» by the international group Control Union Certifications and won the right to appropriate labeling regulation ЕЕС2092/91 and CUC Inputs standards.

In 2008 ««Riverm» became the winner of the all-Ukrainian contest «Best product of the year».

Currently, «Riverm» is in demand not only in Ukraine but also abroad.