Method of use

“Riverm” is an environmentally safe product for plants, animals and human beings, and does not require special precautions during its usage. Taking into account the specificity of “Riverm” it is necessary to follow strictly its application instruction.

It is urgent to prepare working solution for seeds and plants processing. At the same time the quantity of “Riverm” is determined not per a unit of square, but in the proportion of “Riverm” and water in which it is diluted. Water temperature is very important for working solution preparing. The optimum temperature is 18-22°С.

It is necessary to have a special tank of definite volume filled with clean water in quantity needed for treatment of definite area. Then “Riverm” must be added to water in amount according its instruction. It is forbidden to mix the solution. Anions and cations that are present in “Riverm” must freely fill the water molecular lattice during 5-10 minutes.

After that the solution can be used for the top-dressing, seeds processing, etc.

The working solution is not recommended to be stored for a long time. It is preferable to utilize it in 3-4 hours. 


One ought to remember that “Riverm” must be added to water but not inversely. At the same time it is forbidden to mix the solution. It is strictly forbidden to add in the reservoir with “Riverm” any amount of water as it may result in its regularity destroying and its precipitation.


In case of combined usage of “Riverm” herbicides and pesticides are firstly diluted in water. Then “Riverm” must be added in this solution. It is necessary to say that “Riverm” increases activity of pest-killers, and therefore their amount per 1 ha may be reduced depending on the state of processed area. It is preferable to utilize the combined solution during two hours. It is not recommended to dissolve “Riverm” in the salty solutions and in acidic medium. One should say that individual application of “Riverm” is more effective than its combined usage. If possible it is necessary to use firstly crop protecting agents, and then in a few day to use “Riverm”.

It is desirable to perform the top-dressing in the afternoon. In this period the plants are in the highest point of wilting and the minimum turgor pressure in a cell, that’s why they absorb the most solution.

At that the air temperature must not be lower than 8°С, as the photosynthesis activity decreases.

“Riverm”, being used correctly, ensures the plants resistance to drought and frosts. It increases crop capacity and improves farm produce quality making your harvest environmentally sound.