Early spring grain crops
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Spring barley, spring wheat and oats belong to the early spring grain crops group. Spring cereals in many regions of the country are inferior to winter cereals in productivity, but give the high quality bread-grain and animal grain and come first in gross yields.

Early spring grain crops are undemanding to warm. The minimum temperature of seeds vegetation is 1-2 °С, optimal is 15-20 °С. Sprouts can stand frosts -3, -4 °С, but sometime up to -6 °С.

The minimum temperature for reproductive organs formation is 10-12 °С. They have not well-developed root system compared to other grain crops. The most nutrition demand early spring cereals have in the phase of tillering and stem elongation.

Cultivating early spring cereals it is necessary to consider that the first and the second phases pass quickly. The interphase period makes 7-10 days.

If tillering node is not bedding deep there is low development of nodal roots, and thus freezing tolerance of the plants is decreasing.