Buckwheat is a warm-season and wet crop. To germinate the seeds need water in 50-60% of their weight. Decreasing of relative humidity up to 30-40% results in plants decay, button and grain perish. The root system is developed badly but it is able to take up hardly soluble compounds. Buckwheat is a crop of late sowing. It takes up the most of nutrients before the phase of florescence. The rest of them it takes up during the period of florescence-and-ripening.

The buckwheat seeds react well on the top-dressing with “Riverm”. Therefore before sowing they need to be processed with 2,0?3,0% solution. The top-dressing of buckwheat is performed once in a period of well-formed leaves by 3,0?4,0% solution of “Riverm”, but not later than 8-10 before florescence.