Grain crops
Method of use / Grain crops

The biological peculiarities of all bread cereals have much in common. The root system is fibrous.

The roots can be primary (embryonic) and secondary (basic). 90% of the root system is in top soil.

Grain crops growth and develop in phases. The majority of grain crops has the following phases:

  • Seedlings — the first green leaves appear at 7-10 day after seeds sowing;
  • Tillering — 10-20 more and plants have the first side shoots and the secondary nodal roots;
  • Stem elongation in 12-18 days after tillering.

Flowering and ripening are the final phases.

It is the most reasonably to perform the top-dressing with the “Riverm” fertilizer in the period of tillering and stem elongation. It shall provide not only photosynthesis surface increasing, but a strong development of the secondary root system which in future will increase plants drought resistance.