Method of use / Oil crops / Sunflower

Sunflower is a crop of the steppe zone. If the optimum germination temperature is 20°С the sprouts come up in 7-8 days. The fresh sprouts stand spring frosts up to 4-6°С. It gives an opportunity to sow sunflower in early spring.

Owing to the well-developed root system and its suction force, sunflower takes water from the depth of more than 3 m, drying the soil layer of 1,5 m. The most part of food elements is taken up during the period of anthodium formation and flowering.

Sunflower has a long period of nutrients taking up and thus it needs them more than other crops. It reacts positively on dressing with organic fertilizers. This process elongates the period of vegetation and seeds formation.

Before sowing the semi humid seeds processing should be done (not encrustated) with 4,0?5,0% solution of “Riverm” (the combination with pest-killers is possible).

The basic top-dressing is done with 5,0% solution of “Riverm” in the period of 6-leaves formation. Depending on the sprouts state and the edaphic and climatic conditions it is possible to perform the top-dressing with 1,0?1,5% solution of “Riverm”in the period of the first leaves formation.