Water-melon is a warm-season, drought-resistant plant with a deeply extending root system (over 2 m).

Before sowing the seeds of water-melon are processed with 5,0% solution of “Riverm” (composition with protectants is possible). If the sowing is not big it makes sense to soak seeds (or hold in wet state) in 1,0% solution of “Riverm” 1-2 day before sowing.

When the sprouts appear and the rows are noticeable the first top-dressing with 1,5?2,0% solution of “Riverm” must be done. The second one should be performed with 2,0?3,0% solution of “Riverm” during the sprouts active growth, but not later than 8-10 before flowering. The following dressings with 1,0?2,0% solution of “Riverm” should be performed after every harvest.